1. Our zoos are out of control.


  2. Archives From My Old Livejournal: Taos, NM

    On a cold day I sat in the back garden of Cafe Tazza in Taos, NM, drinking bad coffee and staring at a blank notebook page. I eventually gave up on whatever awful poem I was probably working on at the time and just wrote out the one sided conversation taking place next to me:

    "Did you have a good July 4th? Good. I just read the Dharma Bums and I felt like Jack Kerouac, so I went into the woods on July 4th and took off all my clothes to let the mosquitoes eat me. I’ve been reading about myself in Nostradamus, there’s a prophecy about how I’m going to conquer the West. I’m still thinking about that, I need to think out loud, you know? Thanks for listening. I thought I’d go to an American-Indian ceremony, but they’re all commercial these days. I just want to experience some authenticity, something real. I was at a Japanese Tea Ceremony recently, they’re authentic. I think I belong in the Orient, they are focused on authenticity, like me. I just want to live on a rice paddy in Japan, especially a brown rice paddy. That’s the most harmonizing grain, it’s my favorite. I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want this prophecy, I just want to live anonymously on a rice paddy. Kennedy said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for her.’ He was right, but I’ve got to think of myself. You know, the prophecy was saying I’m the Christ, and I thought, you know, I do remember the spikes in my hands when I was on the cross. But you know what, I’d rather be the anti-christ, we all would. That’s just more fun. I’m sorry for going on about this, I just need to think out loud, I just don’t know what to do. I didn’t ask for this responsibility, I just want to live on a rice paddy. That’s all. Andy Warhol said ‘It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.’ I have to be the Christ. You know, speaking of Warhol, I saw Search for Signs of Intelligent Life on Broadway. The play is soup, the audience is art. I have the last line memorized, but I can never say it without crying. [Starts to walk away, comes back. Pauses for tears.] ‘I like to think of them out there in the dark, …… watching us. Sometimes we’ll ….. do something and they’ll laugh. Sometimes we’ll do something ….. and they’ll cry. And ……. maybe one day we’ll do something so magnificent, everyone in the universe will get goose bumps.’ …….. I saw that with a friend who later died from AIDS. Do you understand, though, that we’re going to be ok. We’re all going to make it back, we’re going to ride the course and be ok, understand that."

  3. Brooks in a Box on Flickr.


  5. briancolley:

    It Came From…The North Pole!

    Happiest of holidays to all of you!  Here’s a peek at the annual Christmas card that I made this year.  It’s a relief engraving using a hard plastic material that I printed using a borrowed press from my friend, master printer Johanna Mueller!  I’ve been having fun hand-making cards like this for the past 3 or 4 years.

    I’m giving you all a sneak peek at the initial sketch I made (the dinosaur is a photoshopped picture I took of my model T-rex toy), and the plate that I carved for printing.  The final image is about 5.5 inches square and the red is hand-painted watercolor.  

    Each print came out a little differently (I’m still somewhat of a novice printmaker, you see), but I came out with about several prints that were better than the rest.  Woohoo!

    Have a great Christmas everybody!

    I got one of these and it’s awesome. We may frame it for my nephew!

  6. briancolley:

    Like A Sparrow Alone Upon The Housetop

    "Every home should have a bird larger than the house.

    A bird that shows indifference is all the better.

    And what then of taking flight?

    To let go all the while holding onto memories and dreams.”

    -Deborah Jones and John Katzenberger (owners of this painting)

  7. Nolan Helps Bake on Flickr.

    My sister bakes while Nolan will only sleep next to her.

  8. 2cool4CO on Flickr.

    Brooks is ready for Portland.

  9. Building A Fort on Flickr.

  10. Snuggle Brothers on Flickr.

    Life is nice in Colorado.

  11. Brothers on Flickr.

    My nephew loves to hold his younger brother.

  12. http://youtu.be/M-nGC8xmILk

    My friends and I made this video today in Copenhagen. There is one true thing about Denmark in here, but only one.

  13. Lionel Herds His Cows on Flickr.

    I know I already uploaded this photo, but I thought I’d play around with the cropping a little bit.

  15. Aubrac Woods on Flickr.

    Seline knows the area and which mushrooms are edible.